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Was James Franco HIGH At The Oscars?

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The Oscars were awkward as per usual but nothing more awkward than host James Franco.

Many on the interwebs are speculating as to weather James was actually high during the broadcast.

I guess we'd rather think he was high than just a bad host.

High or not, he was BAD. He was so stiff, he often looked like a cardboard cut out.

He often stared vacantly at the teleprompter.

And never even looked at his co-host Anne Hathaway.

I personally got the feeling that he actually didn't like her. I mean there was absolutely NO chemistry between the two of them.

Anne seemed to be exta big and goofy, maybe trying to make up for Franco's complete lack of energy.


It's like they were doing two different shows.

Now some are blaming "multi-tasking" for his bizarre behavior. They say that he was hosting, nominated, tweeting, and uploading videos. He was just super distracted.


Either way, the show was a boring awkward mess and I doubt Anne or James will ever be asked to host again.

What did you think about last night's show? Was James high? Drunk? Multi-tasking? Did you like Anne? Do you think Anne saved the show? What were the high and low points? Let's talk Oscars in the comments below.

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