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Ways Fame Will Change Rebecca Black’s Life Forever

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Normal middle schooler one minute, notoriously world-wide famous the next. Rebecca Black's life has changed irreparably for better or for worse. So what are some of the biggest changes that are going to take place?


She's Going To Get ALOT More Underwear In Her Mail


For some unexplainable reason weird fans love to send their underwear to celebrities. On the one hand it's going to be confusing for a 14 year old girl to get lots of 45-year-old-guy underwear in the mail, on the bright side though, she'll never have to buy underwear again!


When She Goes To The Store She'll Need Four Tough Black Dudes Watching Her Back


Before she could just skip to the corner store full of girlish glee to buy herself some candy, now every time she's got a hankering for Rocky Road ice cream she's going to need to wait for her posse to arrive so they can ring some heads if the sh*t gets out of hand.


People Will Want To Know Her Thoughts On World Events


Simply by having celebrity people think you have opinions on stuff, even if you have no idea what they're talking about. So she's going to get asked things like "What is your stance on America's wait-and-see attititude towards Iran's nuclear program," and answer those questions with answers like, "Ummm… I think…. *starts to cry*."


People Will Write Weird Fan-Fiction About Her


Once you are even remotely famous, people start writing weird stories about you, often sticking you into fictional universes you don’t belong. If it hasn’t happened already, there’s going to be at least one story where Rebecca gets Snape pregnant. On a Friday, of course.


She's Going To Have A "Dark Phase"


Every starlet that achieves celebrity way too young goes through a dark phase. It's like a right of passage. So in a couple years expect Rebecca Black to be repeatedly arrested for stumbling drunkenly around the LA zoo weeping and showing her beaver to the animals in the Arctic exhibit.


Guys In Her Class Will Be Too Scared To Ask Her Out


High School guys are notoriously afraid of "not looking tough" and the fact that Rebecca Black has already made enough money to buy a herd of rare African elephants and feed them exclusively on a diet of gold and diamonds is wayyy too intimidating for any high school guy to be able to handle.


Strangers Will Refer To Her As "Hey, Friday!"


Whatever you are most famous for, that's what you get called by random strangers. Like for Mark Hamill people always shout "Hey Star Wars! What flavor of ice cream did you get?!" when he's sitting alone eating ice cream in public. The same will forever now go for Rebecca Black, who when she is reading a book in public will now be endlessly subject to such shouts as, "Hey Friday! Whatcha Readin?!" and "Yo Friday, you so excited about that book? Say, what are you doing Friday? Just kidding! I know what you're doing! Cuz of that song! That song you sang 8 years ago! Get it!"


What else will change forever in Rebecca Black's life? Let us know in the comments!


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