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8 Ways To Tell If Your Facebook Friend Is Fake

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These days, it can be hard to differentiate between people whom we know, trust, and spend time with.. and strangers. So I came up with some questions you might wanna ask yourself the next time you get a suspicious friend request. They will definitely help guide you through the never-ending task of rooting out the real from the fake.


1. Are They Justin Bieber?


Unless you happen to be another celebrity (or a gay porn star, for that matter), Justin Bieber probably won’t be friend-requesting you.


2. Do They Have 0 Friends?


Sure, there’s the possibility that they may have just made their Facebook. But, if you don’t know them personally, you shouldn’t be their first friend (or their friend at all, really).


3. Are You Able To Pronounce Their Name?


If you can’t even read their name (e.g. Афанасий or Aliaune Damala Bouga Time Puru Nacka Lu Lu Lu Badara Akon Thiam, which is Akon’s actual name) then don’t accept their friend request.


4. Are They Offering You A Free iPad 2?


We all want a free iPad 2, but nobody is going to offer it to you, including and especially a hot girl in bikini on a beach. You don’t know her, she’s not real, and she’s going to steal your credit card number and your kidney.


5. Are They From A Random Scandinavian Country And Speak Perfect English?


Chances are, an Icelandic chick isn’t going to find you. It’s more likely some pervert from somewhere near you!


6. Do They Live In The Big Rock Candy Mountain?


Don’t let their appealing-sounding hometown fool you! No one lives there except for those evil letters who stole Charlie’s kidney.


7. Do They Not Have A Profile Picture?


Everyone has a photo of themselves on their computer. If they don’t, they’re not real (or they’re really, really old).


8. Is Playboy Their Employer?


Sorry dude. Miss July isn’t friend requesting you.

Have you ever been friend requested by a fake person? Tell us about it in the comments!

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