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8 Ways Your Parents Can Embarrass You On Facebook

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I think by now we all know that being friends with your parents on Facebook is all kinds of weird. When they're not finding out things they don't wanna know about you, you're finding out things you don't wanna know about them. There are about a gazillion ways your parents can embarrass you on Facebook. Here are the top 8:


Getting Into Fights With You Or Your Friends


Facebook is not the place for parents to yell at their kids about chores, homework or the fact that they caught you visiting Even worse is when your parents get into it with your friends, who are admittedly dumb asses, but still…it's just unacceptable for a forty-year-old to make a fourteen- year-old cry. Unless it's the father above…who totally schooled Kevin and his bone. He has my complete blessing to make dipsh*ts of any age cry.


Facebragging About You


Only a mom will brag that you got into junior college, like it was friggin' Yale. Which isn't bad in and of itself, it just sets off a chain reaction of taunting and mockery from everyone you know on Facebook. But hey, you don't have it nearly as bad as the babies of today. When they grow up they'll find out that their parents were bragging about their first poo in the big boy toilet. Including an album of photos showing the prize-winning turd from eight different angles.


Exposing Your Secrets


This will happen when you least expect it, probably during an exchange with someone you have a crush on. Pray it doesn't involve cryptic references to fapping.


Being Too Parent-y


Facebook is not the place to discuss personal family dramas or medical conditions. Especially ones that involve the runs. Unfortunately, moms often have the mouth variety of the runs. And that'll bring everyone down REAL fast.


Posting Sexy Pics Of Themselves


Your parents' divorce was nothing compared to your now single mom showing her sexy side to anyone with a Facebook account. Which is practically everyone. After a third sexy mirror fail pic from my mom, I would seriously consider switching to Google+. Or hell, even going back to MySpace. 


Being Clueless


Your parents just wanna connect with you and show that they're hip to the younger generation's way of communicating. Most will fail at it. Hopefully it's not a dirty private message meant for your dad that ends up as her status update. Because you will never recover from the knowledge that your childhood bedroom is where they go when they wanna spice things up and be naughty.


Sharing Your Baby Pictures


It's never the adorable ones. It's always the ones that your parents think are hysterical. Like the one where you're playing with a pile of dog crap or dressed like a little ho. These pics will explain a lot to your friends and should get you a good amount of sympathy. Unfortunately, it won't stop them from downloading the baby picture and making a side by side comparison of you on spring break twenty years later doing the same exact thing only on a street lamp pole.


Pwning You!


These people know everything about you and will use it against you. They brought you into this world and they'll knock you back into reality faster than you can say 'What's on your mind?' You do NOT want one of your parents answering this question when you forget to log out and they see all the crap you've pulling behind their backs! TRUST!

What's the most embarrassing thing your parents have done to you on Facebook? Tell us all about it in the comments!

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