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We Are Pleased to Report: Those Viral Frozen Alligators Are No Longer Frozen

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A great cold front has befallen the eastern United States, and anything that is or can be outside — from broccoli to American flags to actress Sophie Turner — is in danger of freezing.

frozen alligators jack
This beautiful young man just stepped outside to get the morning paper, and what did he receive for his troubles? That’s right, death.< br />

And as anyone who’s ever wandered into the jungle and had a big ol’ bite taken out of their butt knows, alligators are often outside. The alligator-wranglers at Shallotte River Swamp Park in North Carolina went a lil’ bit viral last week when they posted pictures of their babies sticking their scaly little nostrils out of the ice, leading most of us to assume the alligators would freeze to death.

With the alligators frozen, who can we count on to eat the parents of irresponsible children?< br />

But guess what? Today the ice melted slightly, and the Park provided an update — the alligators are alive! Hooray!

Of course, we can’t go thinking this is only good news for the still-living alligators. Now human beings are armed with a new survival tactic for when they find themselves in dangerous situations.

frozen alligators star wars
Just stick your nostrils up over the trash compactor wall, Luke!< br />

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