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What Are You Up to This Weekend? Us, We’re Gonna Do The Purge

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OMG, how are you? It’s so good to see you, you look great. Are you dieting? Tanning? Anyway, you look great. What’s new with you? What are you getting into this weekend? Marshall and I were thinking about doing The Purge. We’re hearing great things about it. Have you heard of it? Yes, I am talking about the 24-hour period where all crime is legal in an effort to expedite some sort of societal catharsis. Fun, right? Why do you look so shocked? I know Marshall and I are normally a “stay at home and watch food docs”-kind of couple, but we’re trying something new! Here’s our Purge skedge. We’re open to notes!

Whaddya think? Wanna join us for some Purgery’? No Purge-Presh, of course! Tell you what: you think about it and then reach out to us on Twitter once you know for sure. Oh, pack a change of clothes and some sunscreen and of course weapons. Lots and lots of weapons. K, toodles!