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This Weird-Ass Strawberry Looks Like, Well, SOME Kind of Animal

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Ever since the infamous is-it-yellow-or-is-it-blue dress, the internet can’t even agree on what basic things look like. Case in point: this weird lookin’ strawberry.

Obviously it’s some kind of animal, but what kind of animal? The person who found it, むぎ, thinks it looks like a cat, but there are so many other interpretations! Some twitterers thought it looked like a fish…

… a unicorn…

… and even a, well, whatever this thing is? Some kind of heart monster?

What does the strawberry look like to me, you ask? Well, with a little bit of flipping around in Photoshop, doesn’t this strawberry…

strawberry fox

… look like that Star Wars ice fox?

strawberry fox star wars

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