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Weirdest Female Cartoon Characters

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The entertainment industry has not traditionally been kind to women. Often playing parts that were either wildly sexist, or just barely more than set dressing, even modern day film and television projects insist on using actresses who all look like the same person (seriously, it’s weird). But while women have often been stuck playing pretty much the same characters in live action television for a while now, it’s different for cartoons. There have been some super weird female cartoon characters. FOR EXAMPLE…


Arcee, Transformers

arcee from transformers action figure


Why would you make robots that are gendered? What is the benefit to this? They’re not blending in with us or anything, and they sure don’t reproduce by… y’know, doing it. So why have a lady robot? And why does she have a dainty little lady-frame, when all the male (I guess?) transformers have big, blocky bodies. This is as bizarre as Star Wars having robots that can feel pain.


Smurfette, The Smurfs

katy perry in smurfette dress


There’s a reason Smurfette is the only female smurf, when the rest almost seem genderless (well, Papa seems like he’s probably a fella’.) You see, she was created by Gargamel in an attempt to distract the other smurfs so that Gargamel could do whatever it is he wants to do (I refuse to Google “Gargamel’s life goals”). This is, of course, totally sexist, and is very similar logic as what was used to keep women out of the military.


April O’Neil, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

michaelangelo stares at april o’neil’s chest


So, she’s a reporter. Seems fine. But, she is also friends with a bunch of mutant turtles (also a mutant rate) who are constantly fighting with robot ninjas led by a Japanese guy in sword armor, who is working with a brain that gets around by using a giant robot that looks like Brian Posehn. And she reports on… very little of this? COOL REPORTING BRO!


Liane Cartman, South Park

liane cartman in cartman’s bedroom


The first season of South Park ended with the mystery of who was Eric Cartman’s father having been not yet resolved. When they finally came around to answering who it was in the second season, they revealed it was… Liane Cartman. His mother was actually his father, and her character has only gotten stranger from there. A prostitute, who has had sex with every major, and minor, adult male character on the show, she has also spoiled her son to the point that he has become perhaps animated television’s greatest monster, with absolutely no conscience.


Ariel, The Little Mermaid

ariel combs her hair with a fork


The most vain, self-absorbed Disney Princess of all time. This movie could have been renamed “ME ME ME! The Story of Ariel”.


Daria, Daria

daria and jane talking to giant pop can


Spun-off from Beavis & Butthead, a dumb (but hilarious!) show that also actively mocked the teenaged boys who watched it, Daria became the opposite; A cartoon that talked up to it’s audience, and trusted their intelligence. It also featured the rare, genuinely acerbic female television character who, to this day, is still discussed by the ladies who grew up with her. Oh, and she was on MTV, which goes to show how hard some networks can fall (though Awkward is a pretty great show, and it’s on MTV).


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