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What Disney Princesses Would Be Like In College

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Disney princesses are always on adventures, yearning for more and learning new things. So if these ladies were in our world, they probably would have gone to college. Here’s what some of your favorite Disney princess would be like if they enrolled.


belle library stacks


Major: English and Literature, Minor: Psychology

Personal Motto: You all might be a little scared, but I did the reading, so I’m prepared.

After graduating High School as valedictorian, Belle jumped into college taking on an overflowing course load and extracurriculars. Belle doesn’t exactly have time for friends; I heard her talking to her cafeteria plate once, it was kind of sad. And may god have mercy on you if you run into her finals week when she’s coming down off Adderall, she’s a real beast.



mulan jock high jump


Major: Gender Studies

Personal Motto: Ancestors, hear my plea, let’s kick the crap out of the opposing team!

Mulan was given a scholarship for track and field and sees that as her priority. She considers every sporting event mandatory and is known for her enthusiastic tailgating. She’s a guy’s gal, surrounded by a whole gang of bros but few female friends. She is secretly a huge fan of dating shows like the Bachelorette.



ariel backstage


Major: Theatre

Personal Motto: I’m into experimental theatre now, musicals are too mainstream.

Her room is filled with weird stuff she finds in thrift stores and she’s always going off campus to explore some new hot band. You can always hear Ariel singing something nobody has heard of (and showtunes when she thinks nobody is listening). She uses her voice so much in her classes that she often loses it. I doubt her girlfriend Erica minds.





Major: Business

Personal Motto: No one tells me no or where to go

Jasmine doesn’t technically need to go to school but she doesn’t want to live on Daddy’s money forever. Unlike her boyfriend, some older guy nobody has ever seen. A real mooch, I think he’s stealing her money. He can be seen with his weird friends as they’re driving off campus, I think they’re in a band.





Major: Political Science

Personal Motto: Just around the river bend, is corporate greed.

Fearless Pocahontas takes up the causes close to her heart regardless of school policy. Sometimes she feels like she’s speaking a completely different language the way some people won’t listen to her. Good thing Sleeping Beauty is around to give her some good ish to calm her down, when she’s not snoring through class of course.



sorority cinderella


Major: Economics.

Personal Motto: Greek life is a wish your heart makes.

Poor Cindy is in the middle of being hazed by her sisters at the sorority she’s pledging. She does their laundry, cleans their floors and I heard from one source she had to walk on glass. But it will all be worth it to live in such beautiful house and go to all the parties.



rapunzel party time


Major: Undeclared

Personal Motto: I can’t believe I drank that. I can’t believe I did that…that was the best night EVER!

Rapunzel was home schooled and couldn’t wait to break free and let her hair down in college. She doesn’t know what she’s going to do. Pre-med, maybe? She likes painting, I guess? And animals. Oh well, she’ll figure it out after she’s done having a good time.


Know any college princesses like these? Are you a college princess like these? Let me know in the comments!

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