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What Do Celebrities Dream About?

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Do celebrities dream?

This question has been debated in the scientific community for decades. Many noted psychiatrists and polysomnographists argue that as a celebrity’s dreams of success, fame, and fortune have already come true in their waking life, there is no need for their subconscious to manufacture dreams while asleep. Some academic journals, however, have published compelling studies that indicate many celebrities are, in fact, “just like us.”

Does this similarity to regular humans include the propensity for dreams? In an effort to end this debate once and for all, this question was presented directly to a group of celebrities. Their answers may surprise you. Here is what celebrities dream about.


Taylor Swift

Dreams Of: Filling Kanye West’s Mouth With Cement.

She seems like such a nice girl, but she dreams only of grisly and petty vengeance.


Kristen Stewart

Dreams of: Happytime Funshine Land

It’s true! Hollywood’s highest paid professional pouter dream of a magic land filled with nothing but sunshine and rainbows.


Donald Trump

Dreams of: Firing God

Every night, The Donald dreams of getting the big man Himself to appear on Celebrity Apprentice only to fire him on the first episode. If you can fire God, then you kind of are God.


Vanessa Hudgens

Dreams of: Throne of Skulls

In the wicked Kingdom of Dla’Herlecht, in the burning land of Nelrat, in a tower of blackened bone, past a river of boiling blood, the witch-queen Vanessa Hudgens sits on her throne of skulls, and prepares for the day she will bathe in the entrails of her enemies.


Nick Cannon

Dreams of: Nothing

Nick Cannon is one of those celebrities who doesn’t dream. Seriously, who has time to dream when you’re getting it on with Mariah Carrey?


Rupert Grint

Dreams of: Weird Sex with Maggie Smith

Ever since playing Ron Weasley in the first Harry Potter movie, Rupert Grint has been unable to get his co-star, legendary 77-year-old actress Maggie Smith, out of his head. Every night, Hogwarts professor Minerva McGonagall slips into young Mr. Grint’s dreams and engages him in sexual acts that defy description.


Charlie Sheen

Dreams of: Skiing A Mountain of Cocaine Shaped like a Hooker

Pretty much exactly what you’d think Charlie Sheen would dream about.


Dr. Drew

Dreams of: Charlie Sheen

Sheen. Always Sheen. Some nights Dr. Drew is Ahab, and Sheen is the whale. Other nights Drew and Lancelot, and Sheen is keeper of the Grail. Drew’s quest is always noble; the ratings for Celebrity Rehab will be obscene. When darkness falls and night has come, the Dr. dreams of Sheen.


Kanye West

Dreams of: World’s largest Megaphone

In Kanye’s dreams, can’t nobody ignore Kanye, because ain’t nobody louder than Kanye.


What do other celebrities dream of when they sleep? Tell us in the comments below!

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