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What Else Is Jeremy Lin Shockingly Good At?

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Jeremy Lin has taken the world of asketball by storm. After spending most of the season thus far sitting on the bench and getting better and better at Super Mario Land on 3DS, he was given an opportunity to start a game and scored roughly infinity points. But perhaps the most surprising part of the Jeremy Lin story is that basketball isn't even his strongest skill! Indeed, Jeremy Lin has a litany of things he would prove he's great at if only he were given the chance, including:


Looking directly into the sun


The sun will blind you if you look at it for too long, but Jeremy Lin doesn't want the sun to have that kind of power over him so he spends hours a day staring into it with eyes open wide.


Giving haircuts to people who don't know how to describe what they want


If you go to Supercuts and Jeremy Lin is working that day, you can say vauge things like "I, uh. I like the sides I guess, but my hair always does this thing where the top stands up, can you fix it? Maybe like a cut on the back but not on top? I guess? I don't know, I just want to look like a regular human man." Jeremy Lin totally gets what this mean and will give you a haircut that is positively fab!




I've literally never looked at a Jeremy Lin painting and not wept.


Guessing what's going to happen on The Vampire Diaries


Jeremy Lin is hard to watch The Vampire Diaries with because he's so good at predicting what's going to happen that he might as well wear a T-shirt that says "spoiler alert"!


The made-up game of horse whiskers


This game, which Jeremy Lin invented and is great at, is like football except it has less rules, more quiche, and a lot of heavy petting.


Making hats out of books


This is just a fun silly thing Jeremy Lin likes to do, but he sure is good at it! He can turn almost ANY book into a hat, even Moby Dick, and that's one of the most ponderous tomes of all time!


Cellular regeneration


Despite his prowess on the court, Jeremy Lin is pretty clumsy and often cuts off his limbs by accident. He's so good at immediately growing them back though that you'd never know it!

What else do you think Jeremy Lin is great at? Talk about how inadequate he makes you feel in the comments below!

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