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What Horror Movie Monsters Dress As For Halloween

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So many people go to Halloween parties dressed as the most famous movie monsters of our time. But here's something you never think about – what do these monsters who inspire so many a costume dress up as themselves? I mean, you can only really get away with saying that you're The Blob for Halloween when you are in fact The Blob maybe one time. Here are what we can expect classic movie monsters to dress as for Halloween.


Cloverfield Monster


In an attempt to be looked at as a nicer, friendlier alien, the Cloverfield monster has decided to go as Doctor Who. It'd be hard not to laugh at a little bow-tie and sonic screwdriver being held by the Cloverfield monster, even if you only notice it when he's stepping through your house, destroying everything you've ever known and loved.


The Fly


The Fly always makes a little joke out of his Halloween costume. He just gives a name of a Hollywood celeb and everyone goes "Oh, you're Rosie O'Donnell? That's funny because you're ugly, so by saying you're dressed as her, you're saying that SHE'S ugly!" And they all have a good laugh. But what The Fly secretly wants, but can never have, is an evening where he can dress in a suit and carry a little piece of luggage and pretend he's George Clooney, the handsomest man of all.


Jeepers Creepers Guy


As a surprisingly close follower of politics, don't be surprised to see the Jeepers Creepers guy dressed as Mitt Romney or Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Martin E. Dempsey.


That Evil Guy From Zombie Movies


You know that one guy in every zombie movie, he's usually a military general or a guy who owns a gas station, who is super okay with everyone but himself dying? This guy is the REAL monster of zombie movies, as you can't say a zombie is any more evil for eating humans than a Tyrannosaurs Rex is evil for eating a Brontosaurus. What I'm getting at here is that is the kind of guy who would dress as a Tyrannosaurus Rex because he believes only the strongest deserve to survive.


Alien and Predator


Despite an onscreen rivalry, the Alien and the Predator are actually real-life best friends. They usually try to plan a Halloween costume together, like last year they went as Woody and Buzz or the year before they were Richard Nixon and David Frost. Expect this trend to continue, as other best friend combinations like Kenan & Kel or Laverne and Shirley have yet to be tapped.


The Wolfmen (Benicio Del Toro and Lon Chaney Jr. versions)


The Lon Chaney Wolfman always makes a traditional Halloween costume: Maybe a ghost, a hobo, a black cat with little cat ears. But the Del Toro Wolfman always goes as one of these new horror movie monsters: Your Freddys, your Jasons, your Maniac Cops. Granted, Lon Chaney's costumes are always meticulously designed and well-put together, but only the Del Toro version ever gets invited to parties.


Prawns from District 9


Man, the Prawns always do whatever Alien and Predator did the year before. They'll probably be Woody and Buzz but with ad hoc costumes and less enthusiasm.


Are you going to take any costume ideas from these horrific monsters this year? Let us know how you plan to pull them off in the comments!

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