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What Hunger Games Is About (By A Guy Who’s Never Read It)

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I had to do a book report about Hunger Games for school, but I forgot to read it. Here is my report.



Hunger Games was a very good book about two chefs who have to compete to make the world's biggest pizza.


Dave is a Chef from Atlantic City and Mark is a Chef also from Atlantic city. They are brothers but this contest has divided them.



Whoever wins the contest to make the world's biggest pizza gets to go on a date with Marlene. She's the girl that Dave goes out with. So if Mark wins Mark will go out with Dave's girl!



There is also Dupree. He is a bad guy who hates Mark and Dave and he wants to make the world's biggest pizza to crush the White House with the pizza, and so he enters the contest as a cover. 


So Mark and Dave hate each other and Marlene just wants them both to get along so she's exasperated. Meanwhile all the pizzas are getting bigger and bigger and the ceremony for who wins is going to be at the White House, perfect for Dupree's evil scheme to crush the White House with his pizza!


Mark notices that Dupree is for evil and not for good and he tries to get Dave to know that so Dave and he can team up and defeat Dupree, but Dave is too mad that Mark might get to go out with his girl Marlene to join forces.


In the nick of time Mark and Dave team up and stop Dupree just before his pizza crushes the White House. So the President says they both win the biggest pizza contest because of how brave they are and how they used teamwork. So they both get to go out with Marlene, and she's totally cool with that. So everything ends happily ever after, and Dupree is crushed by his own pizza. 


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