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What I’ve Figured Out From The New ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Set Photos

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The Dark Knight Rises, the much anticipated final entry in Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy, is filming now, and obviously, people are incredibly excited. It's getting to a point where a man in a bat costume can't fight a muscle guy in fake winter during the summer without EVERYONE snapping some cell phone pictures! But if Dark Knight Rises info is what you want, Dark Knight Rises info is what you'll get! Here's what we can infer from the latest set pictures.


Also. You know. Spoilers. Etc.


Bane Makes LISTS


In The Dark Knight, the Joker's plans were all off the top of his head, anarchist-style. Here we see that the new villain, Bane, is far more organized. He has written down everything he has to do on an organized list, which he checks once a day. And what if Bane were smart enough to make a to-do list of only tangible items and not far-away dreams without a next actionable step? Bane might be the most scary of the Batman villains if he's cold enough to even kill his OWN dreams by putting "learn guitar" on the "Someday/ Maybe" list.


Lazarus Pit?


This was an interesting picture to be released, as it implies the Lazarus Pit might be in play. In previous Batman mythos, the Lazarus Pit was used to bring Ra's Al Ghul, (the villain from Batman Begins) back from the dead. This would go against Christopher Nolan's reality-based take on the Batman series. If he's abandoning reality, what other non-reality might we see in this new film? Daleks? Pterodactyls? Goblins? Is Batman going to fight goblins?


Joseph Gordon Levitt Plays A Sissy


"Ahh! Fighting!"


Camouflage Tumbler


It looks like Batman got his new Tumbler from Hot Topic, as reports indicate that the back of the vehicle reads "Ha! Now you can't see me!"


Batman And Bane Talk It Out


All that fighting before? That was just because Bane's a little tense at his job, and he took it out on Batman. "No hard feelings," Batman replies. "I'm glad you talked to me about this."



Anne Hathaway As Catwoman


I get it, Anne Hathaway. It's hard to put on cat ears without looking like you're on your way to an art college's Anime Night. But right now you don't look like Catwoman. You look like you won some novelty glasses at a bachelorette party.


Bane Gets a New Coat


Bane's aunt sent him a coat that he didn't like at first, but has grown to appreciate as he realizes how cold it gets in Gotham 'round October.


Bane Has A Shocking Secret For Batman


"I love you. And I love who you've become."

What do these Dark Knight Rises pictures say to you? Let us know in the comments!

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