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What Other Countries Do On October 31st

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Not everybody in the world celebrates Halloween in the way we do, and some countries don't even celebrate it at all. October 31st is one of the seminal holidays in the United States, but we thought it might be interesting to take a look at just what other countries are up to while we're busy putting razor blades in apples for children. 


Russia: The Festival Of Ceaseless Morbidity


Russians are obsessed with death, mostly because for some reason they chose to live in a nightmare climate where the only way to get warm is to cut open a bear and try to fall asleep inside of it. So on October 31st they celebrate how death is a constant in their lives by dressing all in black and sitting around a table together watching old food decay.




In the Jamaica they do the same thing on October 31st that they do every other day of the year: run panic-stricken through the jungle in an attempt to escape Machete wielding drug runners who are trying to take over their town.




Australia celebrates Halloween almost exactly the same way we do, except 1 out of 5 children who go trick-or-treating in Australia are at some point in the night kicked to death by a Kangaroo.




Each year on October 31st the penguins in Australia all gather together to celebrate Halloween with a grand costume ball. Unfortunately for them the only costumes they have to wear are penguin costumes. Just like every other penguin event nobody can tell who anybody is and it's a damn mess. I guess what I'm saying is penguins can pretty much go to hell.


Halloween Town


In Halloween on October 31st of every year Jack Skellington gets the well meaning idea that they try something new by celebrating Christmas and a bunch of stuff goes wrong but by the time it's all resolved he has a girlfriend so it's cool. 


North Korea


This year on October 31st the citizens of North Korea will celebrate Halloween basically like we do but with a few minor differences such as: All the costumes are Kim Jong Il, instead of "Trick or Treat" they say "All Hail The Supreme Leader Kim Jon Il he is the sunlight and we are mere instincts crawling on the leaves he has planted for us," And instead of candy they are given coupons for wheat rations that they can't turn in because North Korea is out of wheat.


What do other countries do to celebrate on October 31st? Let us know in the comments!


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