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What Rich People Do For Fun On Their Summer Vacations

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The top 20% of Americans own over 85% of all the wealth in the United States. We are, by all accounts, one of the most economically stratified countries in the world. That means that the majority of us, 80% of us, you and I, have less than 20% of everything to split between us. So what does that mean for SUMMER FUN! I t means the rich are having a blast! So what do rich people do for fun on their summer vacations?


Party On Yachts


Yachts are giant rich people boats that run on champagne and come fully stocked with butlers, unlimited nacho dip, and hot party girls. Plus if you pay extra to get the upgraded yacht it also includes a rapper who will follow you around rapping about how you are on a yacht.


Swimming In Money


You'd think it would hurt to swim through rock hard metal coins but it's actually surprisingly enjoyable.


Volleyball! But With A Poor Person Instead Of A Ball

A poor person is way more challenging to spike than a regular volleyball, as they tend to flail more.


Hanging Out On The Secret Beach Only Rich People Know About Where Dolphins Can Speak

Not only can they speak, but they are delightfully witty!


Hunt Teenagers With A Crossbow!


The only sport rich people love more than tennis is hunting. And when you're rich eventually you've hunted pretty much everything, and you tired of traditional game, so the only way you can get your kicks is by hunting the most deadly game of all: man!


Pay $7 For The $6 Burger At Carl's Jr.


Why? Because they can. That's why.


Pay Matt Damon and Ben Affleck To Have A Slap Fight With Each Other


The most highly coveted home decoration among rich people is Matt Damon and Ben Affleck perpetually slapping each other in your living room. It's very expensive, but goes really well pretty much any interior color pattern or furniture arrangement.


What are some other things rich people do for fun on their summer vacations? Let us know in the comments!