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What We Want from the Elder Scrolls MMO!

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It was announced on Thursday that Elder Scrolls was getting an MMO, and it's going to have PvP, three playable factions, and span the entire continent of Tamriel. And despite the fact that I have no idea what any of that means, I'm going to tell you what the Elder Scrolls MMO needs to be successful.


Double Dragon

skyrim dragons


If Skyrim introduced dragons to the Elder Scrolls world, I hope the MMO can introduce double dragons. And no, not double the amount of dragons. I'm talking about the NES beat 'em up Double Dragon. Skyrim did not have enough white guys doing uppercuts.


More Thu'ums

skyrim thuum screenshot


That was really fun to do in Crash Bandicoot.


The Avengers

all avengers


There was magic in Skyrim, right? Probably on, like, the right trigger? Let's expand that to include Harry Potter magic, huh? Maybe defeat some Stormcloaks with a Patronus? Is a Patronus an appropriate Harry Potter thing to defeat a guy? I literally know nothing about pop culture..


It not to look like a damn cartoon

elder scrolls mmo screenshot



What are you hoping for from the Elder Scrolls MMO? Let me know on twitter @mikeyfromsu or in the comments below!


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