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What Will Japan Be Like In The Future (According To Anime)?

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Japan's already a fairly interesting country. It's city life looks downright futuristic compared to much of the rest of the world. Giant video ads adorn huge skyscrapers and humans pay money to sleep in tiny pod-like rooms. And that's just the present. What will the future of Japan be like? Well, according to Anime here some of the many exciting things we can expect:


Hot Teen Biker Gangs


According to Akira the world of Future Tokyo would almost exclusively be populated by hot renegade teen biker guys who play by their own rules.


It Being Impossible To Sleep


In Neo Tokyo, according to most Anime sources, there will be so many lights on and advertisements going everyone who lives there will feel like Kramer did when the Kenny Roger's Roasters sign wouldn't turn off all night long.


Corruption, Corruption, and Corruption


Those darn future Japanese governments are even more corrupt than they are now, and they are in control of vast armies of robots/undead/monsters to put down anyone who's mad that they've plant nano cameras inside drinking water so they can watch you from the inside to make sure you're not thinking about rebelling.


Computers Will Have Souls, Very Hot Souls


Be careful what you surf for on the internet in future Japan, because you never know if your computer might have a soul and totally think you're a weirdo for thinking Family Guy porn is hot.


One Seemingly Unexceptional Young Girl Will Save Us All


Thank God for that young girl that finds out she's a replicant/cyborg/destined to save us all, because if she didn't save us all, me and my sentient computer roommate wouldn't be able to stay up all night trying to blink out the 400 foot tall flashing Coca-Cola advertisement that's the only thing we can see out of our window.


How else with Japan be different in the future? Let us know in the comments!


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