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What Your Facebook Profile Pic Says About You

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Getting just the right Facebook profile picture can be very difficult. You wanna strike the right balance of trying really hard to appear a certain way but not looking like you tried at all. There are certain profile pic no-nos that I believe everyone should avoid at all costs. Here's a look at those common profile pic mistakes and what they say about you. 


The Forced Sexy Look


Being sexy is a good thing. If you're sexy it is a fact that is never in question. But the above picture has me asking many questions. Like, I wonder if she was abandoned by her father? Wasn't she on the first season of Rock of Love? And most importantly, how the hell did she get those scabs on her elbows? 


The Straight Up D-Bag


These people will do anything for a joke and yet somehow they are never funny. The guy in the above pic probably made a "That's what she said!" joke in his grandma's eulogy. This photo tells me that everyone in his family hates him.


The Techno Noob


These people have the Facebook silhouette as their profile pic for months before they finally attempt to put a real pic up. A techno noob's profile pic is the visual equivalent of 'I've fallen and I can't get up.' These are the people that they make those late night commercials about not recycling used catheters for.


NEVER Using A Real Photo Of Yourself


Everyone occasionally puts up old photos or funny pics, but then there are those people who have no recent pics of themselves EVER. This tells the world that they have probably gained a lot of weight since high school. Or it is possible that, like the above person, they are highly molestable. Sadly, Farrell's mom's plan backfired, because Pedobear 'liked' this photo.


Trying Too Hard


Subliminal messages always fail in profile pics. Especially when they're not that subliminal and they're misspelled. This profile pic tells me that April is trying to act more mature than she is, and is failing at it. And no, April, those glasses don't make you look smarter!


Really, Really Trying Too Hard


Real thugs/gangstas/pimps/ninjas don't have Facebook profiles, period! Or moobs.

Fan Photoshop Fails


Do not Photoshop yourself sitting on Justin Bieber's lap or resting your head on Katy Perry's pillowy bosom. It's sad. The photo above tells me that even if this girl lived forever, she would still be forever alone. It also makes me scream "SHE'S WORKING WITH THE VOLTURI! RIP HER THROAT OUT, EDWARD!" 


Unintentionally Hilarious


Always, always give your photos an intense background check before posting. This photo tells me that this chick was too busy making sure her ass looked great to notice that she had what appears to be a five dollar foot long hanging from between her legs. That little girl's arm deserves a prize!

What are some other profile pic mistakes people should avoid? Let us know in the comments!

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