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What Your Mom REALLY Wants for Mother’s Day!

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Oh dang, it's Mother’s Day! Did you get your present yet? Yeah, me neither. Luckily, there are a few options still left. I mean come on, she really doesn't need another store-bought gift anyway!. And it's the thought that counts! Emphasis on the thought part. Here’s what your mom really wants for Mother’s Day.


You To Put On Some Lipstick

mom wants flo lipstick


You’re not leaving the house like that. Just a little bit of color; you look like a ghost. This Sunday, slap on some lipstick in a darker shade than you’re comfortable with, and your mother will be pleased. Boys, it depends on the type of mother you have.


Bryan Gosling

mom wants bryan gosling


You know, that hunk from “The Notepad” movie. He was also in “Crazy Sexy Love and Other Drugs.” Your mom would like him to sing Il Divo songs to her.


Bath & Body Works Products

mom wants bath products


No, your mom does not want these. Is that what you got her? Seriously? They’re just going to join the other expired cucumber body spritzers that have accumulated next to the tub. What your mom REALLY wants is for you to organize her bathroom/throw those out.


A Self-Driving Car

mom wants google car


Thanks to Google (of course, Google), these exist! Get your mom one of these bad boys (maybe not yet legal), and she’ll never have to shlep you to soccer practice again! If you’re not going to let your mom in on the backseat gossip, she might as well let a robot take over carpool duty.


You To Get Off The Computer

mom wants fat computer


Just keep this article up all weekend. It’ll help next time you want to defend the marvelous education Smosh has given you. Look, Ma, more Bryan Gosling pics…


Internet Fame

mom wants my mom


Happy Mother’s Day, Mommy!


What does your mom really want for Mother’s Day? What are you actually getting her? Let us know in the comments!


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