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Whatever Happened To The Kids From Rugrats?

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It’s been years since we first saw the loveable tykes of “Rugrats” and caught up with them again in middle school with “All Grown Up!” But now that they’re adults where have their lives taken them? What are they doing? Can they at least now pronounce “spaghetti” correctly? Let’s find out…


Tommy Pickles


A natural-born leader with a startling ability to break out of his play pen (thanks to a plastic screwdriver in his diapers), Tommy was pegged by a high school career aptitude test to become either a junta leader or highly successful escaped convict. Instead, he chose to use his skills for good and form his own “A-Team” to help those in need. Only then, however, did Tommy find out that he could still only lead babies, resulting in a commando outfit that was routinely captured during nap time, could not understand their leader’s adult talk, and was unable to use a shoulder-fired missile launcher without being blown back 300 feet.


Angelica Pickles


Vain, spoiled, selfish and antagonistic, Angelica eventually had a change of heart after numerous flashbacks to her near-death experience in the famous “Rugrats” episode “Baby Tommy Somehow Hotwires His Parents’ SUV and Drives It Through a Gasoline Truck, Shark Tank, and Cement Wall of Serrated Knives.” Nowadays she lives for her numerous charity causes, selling her line of balding Cynthia Dolls to raise money for her celebrated foundation, “The Society for the Caring of Dumb Babies.”


Phil and Lil Deville


Twins Phil and Lil were known for acting alike, dressing alike, and even eating worms alike (much to the horror of school dieticians and later “The Biggest Loser” judges). As adults this unified mentality has caused the twins to merge into one collective, non-gender specific identity known as “L’Phil.” The brother and sister now speak in unison, wear one giant unitard together, and disturb so many people that they were not invited back for last year’s Rugrats 20 Anniversary Special, “The Intervention of Spike the Dog.”


Susie Carmichael


The only African-American main character in “Rugrats,” Susie began to appear in less and less episodes over the years to the point that the other kids wondered if they had just imagined her to have someone to show up Angelica. Susie did come back strong in the spin-off “All Grown Up!” series, though, showcasing her remarkable singing abilities. As an adult she has tried numerous times to get on such reality talent competitions as “American Idol,” “The Voice,’ “X Factor” and the less-successful musical obstacle course “Karaoke Wipeout” only to fail miserably by always insisting on singing in Klingon.


Dil Pickles


Tommy’s little brother was introduced late in the “Rugrats” series and became a very odd little boy in the spin-off “All Grown Up!” where he had an imaginary alien friend and a frighteningly strong belief in the supernatural. Dil eventually matured into a disturbed young man who pursued professional careers as a dinosaur, the color red, and the number 6. Today he remains in the custody of the American Psychiatric Association, where he now gets into long, loud arguments with is toes and has been the subject of numerous medical research papers, including the award-winning “OMG, This Guy Seriously Thinks He Can Communicate with Cheese (Now Updated with Pictures!)”


Chuckie Finster


Known for his phrases "Maybe this isn't such a good idea, Tommy!" and "We're doomed, doomed I tell ya!" scaredy-cat Chuckie is the last person anyone would have thought could become a world leader. And yet as the 2012 election continues he is a frontrunner for President of the United States, tapping into the current national mood by campaigning on a platform of overwhelming anxiety and the belief that we are all surely screwed. Opening his every political speech with a prolonged, panicky scream and always ending by curling up into a tight fetal ball on stage, Chuckie Finster has become the new voice for a scared-s***less generation.

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