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What’s Going To Happen When Winter Comes In Game Of Thrones

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You'd best be ready, they always say on Game of Thrones, "Winter is coming." Every episode a steely-eyed charcter turns to another character and bids them take heed that winter is coming. So, what you are probably asking, happens when Winter comes to the Seven Kingdoms? SPOILER ALERT: These things are gonna happen:


Snow Ball Fights

snowball robb

Look out Robb, one's comin' right  for ya! Brrrrrr, after seeing the way Tyrion was able to totally nail Robb with that snowball, it's clear that a Lannister really does repay his debts!


Hot Chocolate

tyrion hot chocolate

Winter is Coming, and don't hold the whip cream!


Sledding With Friends

joffrey fun sled

King Joffrey and Khal Drogo are always daring each other to go over jumps, but Khal Drogo is too ascaird'!



game of thrones snowman

From Winterfell to Qarth, snowmen are all the rage. Just be careful with them around baby dragons, cuz they can't control their fire yet, and you don't want them to feel bad about accidentally melting your new snow friend.


Snow Angels

seven kingdoms snow angels

They sure make em' differently there in Winterfell!


Christmas Presents

epic nail art hunger games katniss

What do you get for the guy who has everything? It doesn't matter, it's the thought that counts.*


* get him exactly what he wants or he will have you killed.


White Walkers

epic nail art hunger games katniss


White Walkers are the least liked thing about Winter in the Seven Kingdoms, partly because of their incessant unending hunger for human flesh, and partly because they love nothing more than knocking down people's just finished snowmen.


What else happens during winter in the Seven Kingdoms? Let us know in the comments!


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