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White Men Dancing, A Study

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It’s an old joke, “white men can’t dance”. You’ve heard it said. You’ve maybe even said it. You maybe even are it. I mean, are the white man in question. It’s always rip roaring racial comedy and makes for (great gifs). But frankly interworld, the joke has gone stale.


Don’t get me wrong. There are cracker barrels out there that deserve to be the arrhythmic butt of jokes



And, if we didn’t have this seemingly agreed upon observation, we wouldn’t have some classic comedic gags out there.



Here’s the same gag but in real life and with a trombone.The whole thing is predicated on the accepted belief of white man =’s square, man. And I’m not talking about their pants. Unless they’re taking them off (helloooo Magic Mike).



Certainly there is a lot of leeway given to the out and proud, “Born This Way” cyclones of fierce out there.



And I’m fairly sure if you can harness the adorableness of both old men…



…and little niblets dancing, some serious ills could be eradicated.



This one, for instance, cures most forms of cancer.


All I’m saying is that at the end of the day, isn’t the world just a little bit better because they’re dancing? I mean, if white men spent more time dancing and less time institutionalizing and then reaping the benefits of an unjust patriarchal and racially biased system geared toward their continued supremacy, the world would be a better place. Shine on you pasty diamonds!

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