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Why Girls Do That Duck Face Thing in Pictures

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You've probably got a Facebook, right? If so, you've probably got a friend who does this awkward push forward with their lips thing. Like, they make their lips into a duck bill. Why? Why would they do this? Here are some social media scientist's leading theories—


Making a grapple point

duck face metroid


If she hadn't made that face, Samus would have never found the double-jump boots.


Kissing a ghost

duck face civil war ghost


There are ghosts, sometimes civil war ghosts, everywhere. And I like to think they're getting some action.


The Hot Topic syndrome

duck face hot topic


Listen, not everyone gets irony. The duck face probably started with an intelligent, observant girl making fun of the shapes movie stars throw when they're on camera with her Facebook photo. But when her empty-headed friends saw it, they took it and made it into the thing it was parodying. This is the Hot Topic syndrome, where counter-culture becomes culture-culture. At that point, counter-culturists have no choice but to make culture-culture counter-culture. It's like holding a punk rawk mirror up to a punk rawk mirror.


Trying to save money on car insurance

afflack duck duck face


Every company has a social media guy who scours the web looking for everyday people talking about their product, and they often send free stuff or offer discounts if you look like their mascot and thereby raise their brand awareness. I know about this because I'd be really angry at my roommate for never buying toilet paper if I didn't look so much like the Charmin Bear.

mikey charmin bear



The girls have audimantium skeletons and Magneto is just off-screen

magneto duck face


I'm not a child. I know X-Men is fiction. But sometimes, I'd rather believe in fiction than believe girls think this is an attractive thing to do with their face.


The few inches of face covered by lips make them feel less embarrassed of having their faces photographed

regular duck face


Sometimes girls don't feel attractive—they feel marginalized if they don't have a perfectly symmetrical face or wear a size absolute zero. So they cover up a tiny bit of their face with their lips like a tiny bubble-gum colored shield. The duck face doesn't just make the girl unattractive, it makes the society that's made her think she needs to do it unattractive.


Working to turn their mouths into a suction cup in case they're ever being puled into space

duck face in space


Hey, when you're an astronaut, you never know when the hull will be breached and you'll be sucked into space. These girls have a dream to explore what's beyond this rock we call Earth and damn it, they'll do whatever it takes to realize it.


Do you have any other theories as to why the duck face is a thing? Let me know on twitter @mikeyfromsu or in the comments below!


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