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Why Yes, Hobo, I Do Have Change

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I usually pay cash for everything, it's way to keep within my budget and stay away from impulse purchases.

The only problem with this is I tend to accumulate a lot of change, which I usually keep in my car.

The inside of my car has a wooden countertop

Every few months I take change to one of those change sorting machines you see in drugstores.

 I like the fact that I can walk in the store with the 44 ounce cup full of change, dump it into the machine and be done.

They usually have about $40-$60 and change at the end of the counting, it’s a fairly painless process and I feel as if I’ve been given free money even thoughit was my money to begin with.

The issue I have with this endeavor is the walk from my car to the store in front of the parade of vagrants asking me for spare change.

The problem does not lie with the fact that they ask for change the issue is how much change do I give them? A handful, mostly quarters, just the pennies? How do I avoid looking like I’m feeding the birds at the park when I dole out change to these three guys.

I thought about just saying, “No I don’t have any spare change,” but that's a hard trick to pull off when you’re carrying a jingling cup filled with 5 pounds of US tender.

Now I just give the change to my nieces for their college funds. So instead of my money just going to beer for the homeless guys it'll just go to beer ten years from now when my nieces are in college.


What do you do with your change? Do you ever give it to the homless? Let us know in the comments!

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