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Why You Should Tell Kids There Is No Santa

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An author in Austrailia is causing a little bit of an online buzz by telling parents that they need to be honest with their kids about Santa, the Easter Bunny and all those other little untruths you tell your kids growing up. (If you are a little kid and you are reading this, we are totally joking and Santa is 100% real no joke.)

This has upset some parents out there, I mean this is the lyingist season of the year… if you're a parent… you have to pretend that there really is a big fat dude up at the North Pole working on getting gifts to each and every child out there in the world… at least the good ones. So I understand why parents are a little defensive considering most of them are tellin' the lies to their little kids right this minute.

I remember being really bummed out when my mom told me that there was no Santa… even though I suspected it…

I guess I was angrier that my younger siblings still got to believe, and I had somehow reached an age where I wasn't allowed to be part of the Santa game anymore. It seemed like a demotion.

Though, in the years to come I learned to have fun being a part of the other side of the lie… pretending I had seen Santa with my own eyes, to the excitement of my brothers and sister. They ate that sh*t up!

Australia's Dr Faulkner, the woman who has started this controversy has two children aged nine and 17. She says, "The Christmas and Easter stories are nice but I regret ever having let them believe in that. My oldest daughter was extremely upset when she found out about Santa. She felt like she had been lied to and it's an awful feeling."

In an online survey asking "When do you tell your kids the truth about Santa?" An awesome 60% responded, "I tell them about Santa, and I let them figure out the truth on their own." So the vast majority of parents basically feed you the lie, and then sit back and watch your tiny brain figure it out… How can Santa get down my chimney if I don't have one? And why do I keep getting gifts even though I'm totally bad most of the time? Wait a stinkin' minute… this Santa stuff makes NO sense!

I don't know, I think it's pretty funny that most parents don't even bother to tell their kids the truth… they just wait for them to figure it out for themselves. Welcome to the real world kids.

I guess it makes sense though, because once your brain is smart enough to figure out the lie, you have no more need for the lie.

What do you think about all this? Are you still bitter about being told the lies? Do you think they're fun and harmless? Do you think that parents lying to their children creates some kind of future mental problems or trust issues? Tell us in the comments below.


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