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Woman Goes Crazy Over Dog Poop

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Recently in a Chicago suburb, a resident was charged with disorderly conduct for throwing dog poop at the door of her neighbor. Talk about stooping to the level of primates… Do you think that counts as reverse evolution?

Apparently the woman, Susan Miller, stepped in the poop, got mad, picked up the poop she had just stepped in and tossed it at the home of her neighbor… the one whose dog she believed was responsible for the mess. That’s not only un-neighborly, it's disgusting… I hope she had handsanitizer with her or a pair of gloves. Do you think Mr. Rogers would stand for that kinda crap?

Miller, who refuses to apologize, claims that, “If she can pick up the poop from her 80-pound dog, her neighbor can pick up after a 20-pound dog”. Let’s hope she’s going about it properly. What do you think readers, pooper-scooper, rubber gloves, or bare hand?

She also apparently removed a sign telling residents to clean up after their pets, and placed it on her neighbor’s patio. That's an old school mafia style threat if I ever heard of one. Next step is some guys come to "talk" to you about the "situation." What would she have done if her neighbor were notorious for running stop signs?

I mean c’mon, poop throwing? What’s wrong with a phone call? A beaufiully hand written letter? Wouldn’t that be more appealing than handling some other dog's cold turd?

Hopefully the judge brings justice, but how would he classify the punishment? What’s the fine for poo tossing now-a-days?

Poop is one thing, but these women clearly have something deeper going on… To me, it sounds like reality TV. They should settle this on Wipeout: Neighbor Edition

That isn't mud

What do you think? If your neighbor's dog kept pooping on your lawn would you huck a turd at their door? I mean, ultimately you want to make the situation "better" not "worse." Is turd chucking the best way to improve the situation at this point? I don't know, but it sure is funny.


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