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Woman Legally Changes Her Name to ‘Jemmaroid Von Laalaa’ To Get Access To Her Facebook Account

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What’s in a name? Access to one’s precious Facebook account, apparently. Case in point: a London woman has legally changed her name to Jemmaroid von Laalaa to gain access to her Facebook page. Unfortunately, her Facebook account is still locked and she’s stuck with “Jemmaroid von Laalaa” as her legal name.

Jemmaroid von Laalaa, formerly legally known as Jemma Rogers, set up a Facebook account under the name “Jemmaroid von Laalaa” in 2008. She used the pseudonym so that she would be harder to find on the site, and would thus avoid unsolicited friend requests from people she didn’t know. While that seems to make sense, Facebook don’t play that way. The social networking giant’s policies state that users must use their real, legal name in order to have an account. While this real name policy has been criticized by many, Facebook justifies it by insisting that it keeps users secure by making sure every user is held accountable for their actions. Thus, when Facebook contacted Jemma Rogers to prove that her real name is “Jemmaroid von Laalaa”, she quickly went through the Deed Poll system and had her name legally changed to the pseudonym out of fear of losing access to her Facebook account. That’s right, this woman’s Facebook account is more important to her than her legal name. That means that, on all of her legal documents and credit cards, Jemma Rogers must now officially be Jemmaroid von Laalaa.

I cannot BELIEVE how much money she is going to lose on paying for all those extra letters on her monogrammed towels.

von Laalaa opened up about her decision to legally change her name just so she could get into her stupid f*cking Facebook account, saying, “I can’t believe I’m stuck with this stupid name and I still can’t get into my Facebook. I know I’ve been a completely moron, but Facebook are being ridiculous … I’ve been locked out of my account for five weeks now and have lost all of my photos, messages and precious memories. So many people set up accounts in fake names so random people can’t add them or so they don’t have to awkwardly decline requests from people they know but don’t want to be ‘friends’ with … But Facebook have been over the top, they should be able to tell it’s a genuine account but just under a fake name, I can’t believe I am being punished like this.” Can you really call it “being punished” when you willingly, legally change your name for a reason as dumb and shallow as Facebook? Can you? I feel like, as much as Facebook should probably change its policies, this is probably your fault, von Laalaa. But hey, it could be worse! Your first name could rhyme with “hemorrhoid”! Oh, wait …


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