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World’s Craziest Annual Food Fights!

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Food fights are more than just a  surefire way to get lifetime detention at school. In some countries they are actually a cultural tradition. You might try using that as an excuse the next time you get busted for starting one. Here's a look at some of the craziest food fights from around the globe!


La Tomatina – Bunol, Spain


Every August people from all over the world head to Bunol, Spain, to throw tomatoes at each other…for fun. This tradition started back in 1945 when a group of guys who were mad about not being in a parade started throwing tomatoes at the crowd. They continued to do it every year and the rest is history. Now countries all around the world try to mimic this festival with their own tomato throwing parties, but nothing can compare to the original. 


Marshmallow Fight – Ocean Beach, California


Marshmallows aren’t just for smores in the beach neighborhood of Ocean Beach in San Diego, California. Every Fourth of July, after the fireworks, people start pelting each other with the goopy, white treat.


Batalla De Carmelos Or The Candy Fight – Vilanova I La Geltru, Spain


This food fight is definitely the sweetest – literally. The locals in this Spanish town take to the streets in February to fling meringue desserts at each other.


Grape Fight – Binissalem, Majorca


Thousands of people descend on the town of Binissalem in September to throw grapes at each other. A rocket is fired and the fun begins!


Batalla Del Vino Or The Wine Battle – Hara, Spain


The Spaniards love to throw their food around and, apparently, their liquid, too. The Wine Battle is a summer tradition where people pour wine on each other with buckets. The streets are literally flowing with wine. We’re getting a contact buzz just thinking about it.


Custard Pie Fight – Colchester, United Kingdom


A group of kids set the world record for largest custard fight back in 2009 and now people throw mini-fights all over the world. Gives a whole new meaning to a pie in your face!


 Battle of Oranges – Ivrea, Italy


This Orange throwing tradition has gotten so hardcore that people wear full-on body suits to partake in the festivities. It all started years ago when the poor people in the village would throw stuff at the rich. It evolved and girls in the village would try to get their crushes attention by throwing oranges at them. Love hurts!

What food do you think would be perfect for a massive food fight? Let me know!

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