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Worst Fictional Fathers Of All Time

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Dads are your buddy. They love you and hang out with you and throw the ball around. If you're a girl they gently guide you through your transition to womanhood with a kind smile and wise words about the changes taking place in your body. But some Dads… well some Dads aren't so great at Dadding around. Here are by far the worst:


Al Bundy


When Al wasn't berating his kids or not providing for them he was spending his time at a shoe store trying to use his position as shoe store manager to score. Al was such a bad father that he kept calling his kids Kelly and Bud, even though their names were Christina Applegate and David Faustino.


David Harris


You think your Dad's bad when he grounds you for staying too late? At least he isn't all about committing tons of murder. David Harris the stepfather from the movie "Stepfather," could be a real a-hole about whether not to murder people, that's for darn sure.


Peter Griffin


I was going to include Homer Simpson on this list, but then I remembered that although Homer is pretty damn stupid Peter Griffin's sub-human lack of intelligence and willingness to consitantly remind his daughter that she looks like a guy put him head over tails above Homer in the crap Dad department. Peter's only saving grace as a father is that when he thought his infant son died he tried to hide it from everybody so he wouldn't get in trouble.


Dan Scott


On “One Tree Hill” Dan Scott starts out as a huge jerk, before becoming a straight-up murder. And not even like a good-father murderer – he treats both of his sons like crap. Who could be mean to Chad Michael Murray? A dog ate Dan Scott’s heart though (for real, that happened on the show), so I guess things work out.


Walter White


Walter White of "Breaking Bad" fame may have started out selling crystal meth with the best of intentions, but apparently having a Dad who runs a small crystal meth empire isn't as good for bonding a family as you would think.


Bill Maplewood


The Dad from the movie "Happiness" begins the movie by having a fantasy where he machine guns a park full of strangers, and I can honestly say that even if his character had actually done it, it would have been by far the least horrible thing he does in the entire movie. If this hilarious but very intense comedy were any darker it would probably destroy all of mankind.


Darth Vader


The worst thing my Father ever did was not connect with me emotionally while I was a teenager. The worst thing Luke Skywalker's Dad ever did was enslave an entire galaxy. Think about how big a galaxy is. The diameter of our galaxy is approximately 100,000 light years. Our fasts manned space craft takes about 76,000 years to travel one light year. 7,600,000,000 years in diameter of people is how many people Darth Vader enslaved. How many people has your Dad enslaved? I bet less than 5.


Dr. Henry Jones Sr.


He made fun of Indiana Jones for changing his first name to Indiana! He said their dog was named Indiana! Dude, why he gotta be like that?!

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