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10 Worst Holiday Pop Songs

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Everyone knows celebrities do whatever they can to make even more money than they already have but it just feels so creepy to watch them make horrible holiday songs…especially when they write their own…actually it’s just all usually depressing. Also, any list that includes R. Kelly is probably painfully uncomfortable.


R. Kelly


”I open my eyes, and do a surprise, and realize…all around the world it’s Christmas.” I don’t really want to know what “Surprise” R.Kelly “does.”




All I want for Christmas is for Christina Aguilera to understand how many syllables words are supposed to have.


Messica Simpson


So Embarrassed for them.


Britney Spears


Brit, who are you kidding? You have definitely never been a good girl.




”You leave some cookies out…Imma eat em all.” Huh? What is this song about?


Cheetah Girls!




T. Swift


Leave it to Mopey McTearful to make Christmas a sad whiney thing.


Simpson, Again…shocker.


Oh look she did it again…this video looks like it cost a total of 10 dollars to make.


Destiny’s Child


Are they at Rite-Aid?




Ugh, I feel like I have to go wash my face after watching this. So yucky.


Do you think celebrities should cool it on the Christmas caroling? Let us know in the comments!


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