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The Worst Jobs In The World

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Earlier this week, International oil giant British Petroleum announced that it is seeking a new chief media officer for the company’s Gulf Coast oil spill clean-up efforts.

The person who gets this job is supposed to fix the public relations nightmare created by the millions of gallons of crude oil released into the ocean after the explosion and failure of the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig.


BP’s stock has plunged more than 37% since the April 20th accident. It’s estimated that the company will spend over $32 billion in clean-up costs this quarter alone.


This job sounds pretty terrible for whoever ends up getting it. However, in an effort to cheer the candidate up, here is a list of jobs that are even worse than being BP’s new head of Gulf Coast public relations position.


The Person Who Has To Shine And Polish Lady Gaga’s Wardrobe

That’s got to be one thankless and never ending job.


The Person Who Restocks Glenn Becks Tissues

All that guy does is cry and cry and cry. He probably buys Kleenex by the metric ton.


Person Who Spray Tans The Contestants On “Toddlers & Tiaras”

Not only is that job creepy, but those kids are also total brats.


The Person Who Cleans Amy Winehouse’s Cage

Yikes. She probably throws her own poop at them, too.


The Person Who Reads Menus, Street Signs and Text Messages For Paris Hilton

Even just sounding out the big words for her would be a 15-to-20 hour a day job.


Zach Galifianakis’s Beard Groomer

He probably spends at least $80 a day in gas for his tiny riding mower.


The Person Who Edits M. Night Shamaylan’s Movies

Ugh. Imagine having to watch that crap over and over and over.


The Midget Who Lives Inside And Operates Jersey Shore’s Snooki

It’s got to get hot, uncomfortable and boozy-smelling in there.


The People In The Band Creed

They have to be the guys in the band Creed.

What’s the worst job in the world in your opinion?


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