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Worst Smells Of The Holidays

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None of our five senses are more tied to memory than smell, and the Holidays produce a lot of them, from the smell of warm gingerbread cookies wafting from Grandma’s kitchen to the way the living room smells when the tree first goes up. But there is a dark side to these warm holiday memories. Here are some of the worst smells you can smell during the holidays.


That smell from when Grandpa has been sitting in the chair for too long


So many family gatherings around the holidays are often about realizing that someone really should say something.


Some newly unwrapped presents


Newly unwrapped packaging has a particular smell to it, but in the way a new PlayStation 3 has a scent like a crisp, new adventure, a new Christmas tree ornament smells like whatever the opposite of that amazing PlayStation smell is.


Weird Meat for Dinner


You know when you go over to your other grandma’s, the one who you like fine but is kind of, like, you know, not your top grandma, and she would makes some kind of weird meat? It was always just this weird kind of meat. What meat was that? Oh, it smells so weird. What kind of… I don’t even… Listen. Meat. You got to get yourself right.


The tin of triple popcorn


Smells to me like someone didn’t know what to get you for Christmas. Also hates you.


Gas leak


It’s a terrible smell during the holidays. It’s a terrible smell the rest of the year.


The melting of human eyes when you let kids who are too young make candy sleighs


Oh, Colin. We should have known you were too young for the hot glue gun. On the up side, we were happy the following Christmas to welcome Charlie the Seeing Eye Dog to the family.


What smells ruin your holidays? Let us know in the comments!


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