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6 Worst Topics For Children’s Books

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Children’s books usually cover such adorable, light-hearted topics as colors, counting, sharing, and asking random creatures if they are your mother. But would happen if these books were to address the following more serious or sensational subject matter?


Religious Cult Suicides


Possible Book Titles: “This Pudding Tastes Funny,” “Why Wearing Robes in the Afternoon Is Always a Bad Sign,” “And Then There Were Three, Two, One, None,” “This Is What Happens When You Worship Venusians,” “Wait, I’m Having Second Thoughts About Th— ”


Daddy’s Other Family


Possible Book Titles: “Daddy Sure Goes on a Lot of Business Trips for a Policeman,” “Why Papa Called Mama by the Wrong Name,” “Secret Identities: Not Just for Superheroes,” “The Other Kids Get Non-Gambling Dad,” “He Named Him Billy, Too”


Your House Is Haunted


Possible Book Titles: “An Imaginary Friend Would Never Tell You to Do That,” “Every Light Breeze Is Another Ghost,” “The True Tale of the Kid Who Was Murdered in Your Exact Spot 100 Years Ago Today,” “Buyer’s Market My A**: Why Your Folks Really Got This Place for So Cheap,” “Your Family Made a Pact with Some Very Evil Creatures a Long Time Ago and You’re the Payment”


Declaring Bankruptcy


Possible Book Titles: “Daddy Just Had to Invest in His Dream Business,” “Why Does Visa Keep Calling?” “You’ve Got a Lot of Nerve Asking for an Allowance or Side Salad,” “The Story of Barbie’s Dream Car/Current Residence,” “Horton Needs to Win Mega Millions or Else”


Viral Outbreaks


Possible Book Titles: “Sneezes Are Like God’s Bullets,” “The Stench of Death: A Scratch ‘n Sniff Book,” “Gee, the Cities Sure Are Empty,” “Can You Count All the Roving Gangs?” “How to Use This Book as a Weapon”


Earth’s Annihilation


Possible Book Titles: “Connie the Comet and the One Tiny Impact That Could Create Another Ice Age,” “Aliens Don’t Travel 40 Million Light Years Just to Say ‘Hi’” “Why You Won’t Be Invited on the Escape Rocket,” “So You’re the One Who Didn’t Recycle and Doomed Us All,” “You Can Only Bring One: Deciding Which Stuffed Animal to Take with You to the Doomsday Bunker”

What are some other inappropriate subjest for kid's books? Let us know in the comments!

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