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10 WTF Facebook Fan Groups

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I always hate when my Facebook news feed gets littered with all of the things my friends ‘like’. It seems that there is a fan page for everything! They usually fall into two categories… typical fan sites or super dumb and random things that people don’t really ‘like’ but think it would be a funny thing to do.  And then there are the ones that are hilarious due to their very unusual likes or their extreme like of hating something. Here are 10 of the best Facebook fan groups and by best I mean in that special wtf kind of way.




Bronies are grown men who are really, really into My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. I can not believe that my childhood dream of finding a boyfriend who will play My Little Pony with me has finally come to fruition! Too bad it’s like a million years too late and would probably have been illegal if I was still a young girl…but still, it’s exciting news for girls who are into what I call Graight guys. Straight guys who act gay, but still like girls. These types of boyfriends are really hard to find…am I right, ladies?


Green Bell Peppers Must Die!


There is nothing I love more than people who can rage against a simple vegetable. Sure it is a vegetable that is the SCOURGE of the earth, DESTROYING the good taste of whatever food it comes in contact with, with it’s DESPICABLE bitter taste and it’s mushy doodoo texture. ARGGGGHHHHHH! DIE! DIE! But a simple vegetable, nonetheless.


It's Not My Fault What You Said Can Be Misconstrued As Sexual Innuendo


If you can’t help but chuckle when your doctor says ‘Now, you may feel a small prick’, than this is the fan group for you! I’m joining right now!


The Church Of Beyonce Knowles And The Latter Day Destiny's Child


It’s not unusual to like Beyonce,  but to take it to the level of a religion? I mean ‘Bootylicious’ is good and all…but the bible is one of the best things written of all time! 


Oh Yeah? Well I HATE Dolphins!


What’s next? Hating kittens, rainbows and kittens who squeal with glee while sliding down rainbows with their puppy BFF? Hating dolphins is so wrong…in that funny wrong kind of a way.


Please Take that Leash Off Of Your Child!


I agree in principal…but would be sad if there were no more funny photos of snot-nosed brats being dragged down an aisle in a Walmart, by a mom with a huge muffin top spilling over her jeggings.


When Ash From Pokemon Turns His Hat Around, You Know Sh*t's About To Go Down!


I love that a single moment can produce such unbridled joy. And comments like this… "My brother and I squealed like little girls when he started to do it more often in the Unova region!" I wanna see a youtube video of that reaction!


The Garden Gnome Liberation Front


If garden gnomes were constantly dropping trow and taking dumps in my yard I’d not only liberate them,  I’d kick them out field goal style. I have enough unwanted ‘possum poo to deal with already!


Enough With The Poking… Let's Just Have Sex!


I find poking so ridiculously annoying and pointless that the last thing I would wanna do is be real-life poked by someone who fake-life pokes me. But then again I’m not a guy and I realize things work differently in guy world.


I Know Someone Who Looks Like Peter Griffin


If you’re a little chubby with glasses, it’s probably a good idea not to not wear a white shirt and green pants. Unless you’re going for the Peter Griffin look …then carry on!

What are some of the craziest Facebook fan groups you've ever seen? Let us know in the comments!


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