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Youtube Gets A New Look

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There's a NEW YouTube?? A NewTube?? WHY?? It's like that time when Facebook changed and everyone freaked out about it but now it's business as usual, until the next time Facebook changes and everyone wants it to stay the way they previously hated. Or something like that. 


Only I have to say…I kind of like the new YouTube.  So what's new?  Well for one thing, NewTube is more social network-y.  I mean the parent company is Google, so it should come as no surprise that the new look is very Google+. Activity feed in the center, channels on the left and recommendations on the right. When it comes to Social Networking integration, Google Plus is automatic and Facebook is an Opt-in. HA HA! You know Google got a big old chuckle out of that slam. IN YOUR FACE MOTHER ZUCKER!


Another big change is the emphasis on channels. The channels you subscribe to will now be front and center on your homepage. Which kind of makes perfect friggin' sense if you ask me. They are also using super-duper powerful and magical algorithms to predict the videos you will like, based on what you've watched, what you subscribe to and the secret desires deep within the recesses of your mind, things that you don't even know that you want to watch. Creepy but good creepy. Basically they're trying to make us spend more time on YouTube than we already do. Great. There goes what little life I have that's not internet related.


There are other little things that will be changing, things like making it look prettier (awwww!) But overall I'd say it's a win. Unfortunately, comment trolls will still be available for your viewing pleasure.


Here's a dopey tutorial on the new YouTube:

Do you love the new YouTube? Or do you think it sucks hard?  Let me know @desijedeikin or in the comments below!

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