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YouTube To Start Asking Commenters To Use Their Real Names

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OH DAYUM! Looks like the halcyon days of anonymous hating on YouTube is coming to an end! Your YouTube handle is about to become your actual name.  Scary, right? Will this lack of anonymity lead to the end of YouTube hate as we know it? The internet hasn't been in this much of a social networking tizzy since the forced implementation of Timeline on Facebook!  Here's a preview of what you'll soon be seeing when you open your account (Although Bogdan Bele seems to have nothing to worry about):

youtube real name


It's a little unclear exactly how voluntary this change will be at this point. YouTube will start asking you if you want to use your real name when making a comment from now on.  If you decline to use your real name you will be asked why. Options will include “my channel is for a product, business or organization” or “my channel name is well-known.”  Pretty sure "Because I wanna say something incredibly nasty and hateful and not suffer the consequences IRL" will not be one of the options.

youtube comment kesha tik tok


The really scary thing is that even if you choose to change your hater ways, all of your past hate will proudly bear your real name. YouTube will help guide you through all of your old comments and it seems you will be given the opportunity to amend your hating ways. Or other embarrassing things you've said under pre-pubescent hormonal stress. “Maybe you posted a few things way back (all those “I love you Biebs!!” comments?) that you’d rather not associate with publicly,” YouTube said. “By clicking ‘Review my content,’ you can see every video, comment or playlist you’ve ever posted, and decide whether you want it associated with your full name before making the change.” "I love you, Biebs!" haha. Good one YouTube!

youtube comment graph


I think the lack of anonymity will be a good thing. Not only will it stop most of the hating, but I feel some comments to be SO funny that the writer should get all the credit they deserve. Even if it is slightly hateresque. For instance…the comment below is one of THE BEST COMMENTS OF ALL TIME!! I do feel guilty laughing, cause it's kind of mean. But then it's a Twihard so that makes it slightly okay…right?

kristen stewart twilight youtube comment


What do you think? Will this stop the trolls? Let me know your thoughts @desijedeikin or in the comments below!

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