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YouTube Yanking Justin Bieber’s ‘Baby’?

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OMG! Are you guys up on the tragic news that rocked the world to it's core yesterday? While most people were probably stupidly busy focusing on troubles in Afghanistan or something called raising the debt ceiling…serious candy was hitting the fan! The word hit that YouTube is threatening to yank Justin Bieber’s ‘Baby’ video!



The clip which has about 583,492,017 views, is the most viewed video in YouTube history. It is also one of the most hated, with over 1.5 million "dislikes." Bieber's fans fear that this is enough to trip what the Washington Post's Allison Stewart hilariously calls, YouTube's "Universal Revulsion" algorithm, which would trigger the video's expulsion.

Yesterday, #dontdeletebaby started trending on Twitter and it was only a matter of minutes before Beliebers everywhere stopped making their Beiber fan collage dream boards and took to the internet to stop one of the greatest miscarriages of justice in the history of the web. I feel certain that convulsive snot crying was involved. 

Of course, his fans quickly turned their snot crying into righteous anger. 


And as with any Bieber controversy, the misspelled, grammatically-challenged threats started flying fast and furious.

Nebraskangirl: RT @BieberTweet: Dear YouToube, if you delete @justinbieber ‘s VIDEO.. Chuck Norris will find you and gonna kick your a**.  

I'm sure YouTube is shaking in their boots. And they should be because Ms. Bieberfied is planning on taking the whole company down.


Of course, this rumor is completely untrue, but since when do fans of the Biebs exhibit rational behavior? I mean we're talking about girls who have devoted their whole lives to loving a girl-baby-like-guy thing.

I submit this tweet as evidence of Belieber delusion:

From ktluvsthebieb: "#dontdeletebaby or i will literally drop dead"

And this photo of a girl losing her sh*t over a boy who is rumored to have the private parts of a Ken doll.




“Don’t worry!” YouTube tweeted on Monday. “Baby is still here”! Nice try, YouTube! That ain't gonna stop Belieber paranoia! While yes, typically, Bieber's video would have been trashed if it was just a regular person's submission, there is no chance of YouTube doing that to Justin. Besides, since the video is an official relaese of Bieber's record label, YouTube would have to get consent before deleting it.

So calm down with your janky poetry @Biebermaffia. And you're lame vendetta.




Naturally, even though the rumor is false, fans are still promising to boycott YouTube and to physically assault people who work there. It's Belibers in the hood, y'all! Of course haters everywhere are cheering at even the mention of Biebs getting the hook from YouTube…because you KNOW haters gonna hate! I was able to find one Bieber fan with a sense of humor though.


Fom DABieber Smile: "Dear Youtube, #dontdeletebaby 'cause you will became un-popular. Trust me, I know how it feels. Sincerely, Myspace.

But I still question her judgment. As I do any fanatical Bieber fan, a group of people that make me say WTF more times than I can keep track of. For instance…



So here's one 'last' look at the 'Baby' video before it is NOT yanked from Youtube…the mere idea of which would be apparently  more wrong than the human centipede.

So what do you think? Would Youtube ever dare yank Justin Bieber?  And how hilarious would it be to watch his fans freak if they did? Let's discuss in the comments!


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