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Where Does ‘Zelda: Breath of the Wild’ Sit in the Official Zelda Timeline? Nintendo Tells Us (Sorta?)

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As far as multiple timelines go, the Zelda timeline started out pretty simple — the Nintendo 64 classic The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time was the oldest game in the timeline, and when Link used said ocarina to travel into the future and fight Gannondorf, he created two timelines. In the timeline Link travelled to, peace was restored to Hyrule. In the timeline he left behind, the kingdom fell into darkness. Quality Zelda games followed both timelines, with the Good Ending timeline producing Majora’s Mask, where the Hero of Time continues his adventures in and the Bad Ending timline leading to Wind Waker.

PICTURED: Wind Waker Link learning his existence is a mistake.

So where does the latest Zelda game, Breath of the Wild fall? There’s definitely a post-apocalyptic feel to the game, meaning it’s at least towards the tail-end, but which tail-end? And just yesterday, Nintendo added Breath of the Wild to their official Zelda timeline, and it is… inconclusive. Apparently, the most recent game takes place at the end of all the Zelda timelines.

But wait, there are at least two Zelda timelines. Does that mean there are two Links? And only one of them can really be the true Link, right?

PICTURED: Breath of the Wild Links learning he has a 50/50 shot of his existence being a mistake.

The way Nintendo’s explained it, Breath of the Wild is the most recent Zelda game, with all the other games functioning as legends; stories told by those travelling through Hyrule. Every Zelda story happened, and every Zelda story did not happen. The differences in timeline can be attributed to slight changes in the delivery of the myths. Just as the tales of our ancestors change, grow, and disappear as they’re told from generation to generation, so too do the stories of the Hero of Time’s quests for the Triforce. It’s actually kind of poetic when you think about it — all Zelda stories both exist and do not; lodged firmly in the liminal space between reality and dreams.

But also that tells us the Zelda timeline doesn’t mean jack sh*t.

PICTURED: Zelda fans learning their devotion is a mistake.

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