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The Zodiac Signs That Are Going to Have the Best Summer

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Summer is officially here! Are you curious to find out what the hottest months have in store with you? And are you too impatient to wait until September to find out what’s going to happen? Then check out your horoscope! It’s like flipping to the last chapter of a book to find out the ending, but in real life. If you were lucky enough to be born under one of these astrological signs, you’re guaranteed to have a great summer!



Did someone say party? The stars did! When Venus enters Leo on June 15th, you’ll feel energized, and it won’t be from the venti cold brew with one pump of vanilla you got from the Starbucks on the corner of Highland and Willoughby! This summer is a good time for you to socialize, so throw a party for all of your closest friends! But don’t invite Stacey J. because you’re still pissed at her when she didn’t include you on that group text the last time Mercury went into retrograde.



Jupiter will enter your house of opportunities on June 22nd, so make sure you’re in a position to see and be seen. Hang out poolside at the Blue Water Hotel and you might meet a mysterious stranger named Mark K. Epplestein who’s vacationing from Santa Fe, New Mexico. Just be sure to wear sunscreen! On December 7, 2042, Uranus is going into retrograde and also you’ll have a mysterious mole crop up on your left shoulder. Yikes!



Hold on to your hat (that cute fedora you got from Forever 21 on sale). Your birth month is going to be electric, especially around your birthday, August 3rd. Sparks could fly when the moon goes into retrograde and also Hot Yacht Guy from Bumble finally messages you back! Who knows where things could lead? The moon ends it’s retrograde on August 17th, so that’s when things with Hot Yacht Guy are going to fizzle out. That means you’ll want to take advantage of the fling while the stars are still in your favor!



Start turning those dreams into reality, Capricorn. More specifically, that reoccurring dream where you forgot to study for your biology test and your teacher (who looks like your mom for some reason) asks you to come to the front of the class and then all your clothes fall off. You know, the one you had after eating all of that spicy food from Maria’s Taco Hut? Anyways, Jupiter’s alignment with Virgo is going to mean this will be a great summer for you!



All of the recent tension you’ve been having with Stan at work is going to disappear as the sun moved into your third house of acceptance. It’s possible that you two might even become friends. Actually, yes, yes you are going to be friends. It’s written in the stars. There’s no guessing at all.



Overall, this summer is going to be the summer of you, Aquarius. Just watch out when Mercury goes into retrograde on July 15th. You might start to feel frustrated that someone stole your social security number, which is 492-01-9966. Bummer!

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