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so just wondering. to those who have their accounts synced with that the reason why you have a profile pic on here thats not a person with a paper bag over its head?

I would assume...but mine's been like this for as long as I've had my account. And my old account had it too.

I dont have my account synced.
I dont really like fb
but I had my icon like this for a few years
I tried to change it but there's no way to change it.
I'm guessing that they might make a way to use avatarded to change it but for now everyone has slender bag man or their old icons

I have mine linked but I don't think that's the cause. For some reason on my profile here on smosh it shows my icon as a brown paper bag dude but when I comment it's my old icon from however many years ago that I used when I signed up. I think when you have avartarded though it will change your icon....sadly I don't have it though.