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Sweepstakes button won't work

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The "I want this" button won't work for the appear in a Smosh Video Sweepstakes.

Can someone please tell me how to fix it or what im doing wrong or someone that works on the website can help me with it.

The more you level up you get entered into the contest atomically

It's because the button has nothing to do with the actual sweepstake

yea, I though I had that problem too but it's really not a problem at all. The button just doesn't work, which is really confusing. Every time you level up, it times' your entries by 5. I think I have like over 1,000 entries but that's like nothing compared to some people (ahem, chakuu) lol j/k bud! XD

Yeah everyone already said what I was gonna except muon982...medicinal fried chicken...