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What a dumd forum topic -_-

xxismxx's picture avatarded necessary on this website or are they another smosh sponsor?? -_- smosh is just publicizing a random app for free? i dont think so

I figured they made the didn't exist before the site. Plus, say you're the guy who made it. You're honestly gonna pay Smosh to publicize your FREE app when your FREE app could only possibly be profitable on ads (which are nonexistent in the app itself). Idk maybe we can try thinking here. wanna know something...i just post in every topic because i wanna keep this inactive, uninteresting forums alive..smosh just hasnt been the same in the past few years. I'm not saying that they're bad but they're just not the same. So honestly i'm very sorry for trying to bring this website back to its older glory. I dont see you contributing much to these forums other than commenting. Also i think you people should stop saying how i;m ranting. I'm just another smosher voicing my opinion on matters online so i think you people should just calm down and think before you post your comments -_-