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Whos your favourite actor or actress

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Who is the best actor or actress? What do you think?

there are a lot of talented actors and actresses but my favourite actor is ADAM SANDLER :DD

i love love love him xD

my absolute favorites are gaspard ulliel, and then anthony hopkins, followed by johnny depp

i know he's dead but, HEATH LEDGER!!! he played The Joker so well in dark knight ... R.I.P :(

he's not even an actor, i just needed to say who my favorite person of all time is: Spencer Smith. I bet half of you don't know who that is :)

(in case you were wondering, my favorite actor is Amanda Seyfried)

my favorite actor is probably josh duhamel or chris pine and my favorite actress is probably elizabeth banks (every character she does has a completely different and unique personality so she has a wide range of acting)

Jack Nicholson. No doubt. Even in average movies he manages to pull off a perfect performance.