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Are Ian and Anthony Gay!?

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I've always kinda wondered if they were. I mean, it looks like they live together. Not that that means they're gay. And i'm not saying being gay is a bad thing. (No homo). What do you think?

what?! i don't think one of them is gay! their voices sound too manly ;D

No, they're not gay. I'm pretty sure they're both got girlfriends, but I'm not sure. What does it matter if they were anyway?

NOOO !! and if they were my life would go to the shit

They can't be gay ! You have just to search on google Ian hecox's/ anthony padilla's girl friend :)

They are NOT firetrucking gay! They both have a girlfriend, BITCH! (Total smosh moment!)

They are NOT gay!! they both have girlfriends!!! im a total Smosh fan so i know they are NOT gay!!!