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This topic is about KPOP!!! List your favourite Bands and Biases and we can chat!
shawol, elf, exotic, hottest, i am, bana, vip, beauty, sone, queen, boice, cloud, a+, cassiopeia, say a, wonderful, blackjack, plus, jaywalker, u ai na, baby, inspirit, primadonna, play girlz and triple s, Kissme.

My ultimate Bias is Zhou mi from Super junior but coming very close is Chen from Exo M

I only know PSY because of Gangnam Style.

I hate k-pop.I can't even understand a single word they're saying.

Oh my gosh! I LOVE KPOP!! I love the band F(x)! :)

There is actualy a jepanese resturante near me called KPOP Chicken.

100% - Sanghoon (my biases always leave me...)
2AM - Jinwoon (forever maknae~)
2PM - Taecyeon, Junho, Chansung (IDK THEY ARE ALL SO PWETTY //dies)
A-JAX - Heongkon (sexay~)
B.A.P - Yongguk (duhhh, just look at him)
B1A4 - Jinyoung, Gongchan (leader or Maknae.... IDK)
BIGBANG - T.O.P (his voice just kills me)
BlockB - Zico~~ (He's a dork > <)
Boyfriend - Jeongmin (Or Kwangmin, he's cute too... or was it Youngmin.. no Kwangm- no thats definitely Youngmi- nonono Kwangmin)
BTOB - Sungjae (Oh god i have too many maknae biases)
BTS - Jimin, Suga, V, Jungkook, Jin (i can't choose....)
DBSK - Jaejoong. (no explanation needed)
EXO-K - Kai (or Suho... they're both really handsome...)
EXO-M - Tao (just... Tao.... T A O)
GOT7 - Mark (martial arts~~)
Mblaq - G.O (i have a thing for guys with a beard or something close to that)
NU'est - Minhyun (cutie~~~)
SHINee - Onew or Key (they are both giant dorks xd)
Super Junior-M - Zhoumi~~~~~ (he's just pretty *-*)
Teen Top - L.joe (You know why...)
U-KISS - DONGHO~~~~ (i miss him so much //sobs heavily)
VIXX - Leo (he just hates everything that lives exempt for children and animals)
ZE;A - Dongjun (maknaeeee~~~~)

I am not that much into girl groups but okay...
2NE1 - Bom or CL (they are so pretty oWo)
Girls Generation - Taeyeon (she looks like a 5 year old, talks like a 6 year old and laughs like a 80 year old)
T-Ara - Jiyeon (maknaeeesss~~~ and she can act really well)

well i think thats it xd

(i'm sorry for my bad English... I'm from the Netherlands....)