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Who finds beautiful Anthony Padilla?

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I am French and I find that Anthony padilla is too cute! And you the girls what is your opinion ?

Yeah, he's really cute :) And he has such a charm and charisma that make him even hotter :)
(P.S, I speak french too ;p)

Yes I find him so really cute. I like :D

Mais si t'es française pourqui tu ne parles pas français :p

He is. And he laughs a lot. Laughing and smiling makes people more acttractive. :)

Lol I have French for 3 years now, but I'm not going to try to make a french sentence because I will probably fail ;p

Ah OK! He has all the girls who find him beautiful the same time!

Well, I suppose he looks good :) But I appreciate his humor more than his good looks.

Yes it is clear he is beautiful! I also prefer his humor to its beauty:D

ps : I speak French! I thus have English correct