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BATTLE OF THE...........genres. XD

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OKAY, so I'm actually really curious, so I want everyone to comment saying their favorite music genre ^^ (ex. Rock, Pop, R&B, Rap, Screamo, Alternative, Jazz, Hip Hop, Reggea, Country, Classical, on...) Doo da doo.......THE WINNING GENRE GETS $1 MILLION DOLLARS IN RECORDING MONEY!! :D ...............just kidding. If I had a million dollars, do you really think I would just give it away like that? The only thing the winning genre gets is pride in knowing that it's winning...That's it. Nothing else. >.>

I like a lot of things, in order:

1. Metal
2. Rock (Just not Indie Rock)
3. Punk (Except for Pop Punk, but with some exceptions, Emo, and Screamo)
4. Classical
5. Grunge
6. Industrial
7. GOOD Country
8. 80's and early 90's Hip-Hop, Rap, and R&B
9. Jazz