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electronic music discussion

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discuss electronic music here

my favorite electro artists are:deadmau5, daft punk, digitalism, m83, and feed me

My favourite electronic music is down there.⬇

I love all kinds of electronic. This genre is amazing. My favorite band of this type of music would probably be OceanLab. :>

@TheUndertaker: This is what we call "evolution". There must be at least one electronic song you liked in your life. Otherwise, I won't believe you.

Im not sure if this counts as electronic but....
Does ANYONE remember "Owl City"???????

@SonnyJFox, its not its not evolution, more like devolution. OH WAIT! would you count devolution as an electronic band? have you heard of them?

@TheUndertaker: Never heard about them.

really? they are realy weird, but they did do all the music for the rugrats.

I like BT, Skrillex, Afrojack, Eiffel 65, Stoneface and Terminal, Kayu and Albert