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What do you think is the most underrated band is?

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I would think Devolution, or Devo for short is.

Electric Lights Orchestra. Not exactly underrated, but it doesn't get nearly as much credit as it should.

Apollo 440 is an awesome band but they're so underrated. They need more love.

well, ELO isnt THAT underrated,they did write Dont Bring me Down, a realy well known song.

Hole, Defiantly Hole. Jennifer’s Body is absolutely pure poetry, Drown Soda is a pure fuck song, Doll Parts is so heartbreaking, Celebrity Skin is fun and Malibu is summery... and all of these songs have amazing lyrics.

*Honey Suckel, She's full of poison, she obliterated everything she kisssed*

*better me, bitter me, my betterhalf has bitten me, sleeping with my enemy MYSEEEEEEELLLLP,*

*you're hungry, but i'm staving. He keep's in a box by the bed, alive but just barely. He said I'm y